Data Protection

Impact of DPDPA on India: Understanding In Depth

In today's world data drives innovation and fuels economic growth. And so the protection of personal information has become a…

3 months ago

Difference between DPDPA and GDPR

In today's world, particularly in the digital realm, change happens swiftly. A key area of concern is data, which has…

3 months ago

Draft Rules for Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

Draft Rules Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

5 months ago

Data Security Shift: India’s DPDPA 2023

In a landmark move, the Government of India has taken a momentous step towards securing its citizens' digital rights and…

10 months ago

Empowering Data Protection: TDSAT to Hear Appeals

Since more and more personal and professional data is being stored and processed digitally, data security has emerged as a…

10 months ago

E-Pharmacies in India

E-pharmacies have been a contentious issue in India for a long time, with ongoing litigation and delays in the implementation…

11 months ago

Complying with Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law

Saudi Arabia has joined the list of countries that have implemented a Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL). Under the PDPL,…

1 year ago

Understanding Saudi Arabia’s PDPL

In this blog, we will get an understanding of Saudi Arabia's PDPL, along with its key provisions and considerations for…

1 year ago