Difference between DPDPA and GDPR

Difference between DPDPA and GDPR

In today’s world, particularly in the digital realm, change happens swiftly. A key area of concern is data, which has gained immense value. Securing personal information is crucial. However, are our current measures satisfactory for ensuring data security? Leaders worldwide are addressing this Vital issue making vital decisions to protect our data. India, too, acknowledges … Read more

DPDPA vs GDPR – Comparative Analysis of Understanding the Lawfulness of Processing

In the complex world of data protection and privacy laws, understanding the principles that govern the lawfulness of processing personal data is crucial for compliance and ethical management of information. This blog provides a detailed comparison between the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and India’s Data Protection and Digital Personal Data Protection Act … Read more

Vietnam: Official issuance of Vietnam Decree on Personal Data Protection (PDPD)

Vietnam personal data protection

Resolution 13/NQ-CP in 2023 approving the dossier to develop the Decree on Personal Data Protection issued by the Government Mirroring the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in different aspects, the PDPD introduces various new requirements to any organizations/individuals engaging in and/ or related to personal data processing activities in Vietnam. Vietnam has issued its first … Read more